Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Who Let Me Loose in Spotlight?

Oh dear!
I only went in to get a new dissolvable ink pen and some white cotton for the sewing machine.
This is what I came out with;

Well, the magnifier lamp was the most expensive and I think the kids can give that to me for mother's day.
Also in the haul were; two boxes (one pine and one papermache) for me to make into cross stitch projects for the magazines, white, pink, beige and cream cotton for the sewing machine,  a cotton organising box, the small stranded cotton organising box I'd been looking for, a piece of dowel for a Christmas project (nearly finished, it's due in to the magazine by June), a coin purse top, a crystal bag handle (both for cross stitch projects for the magazine),  two pink vinyl table cloths for when I dye fabric (I'll take my old green ones to school, I hate the two cotton drop sheets they have) ... and of course the water dissolvable pen in blue and white (for working on black aida!).

I guess that's my spending money down the gurgler for a while. But it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! I could have spent loads more of course. And I don't go down there that often. It's a twenty five minute drive from my house so I don't often bother ... anyway, I'll just keep telling myself that.

One thing they didn't have a lot of was items to put your cross stithing in. Do you know what I mean? Like the paperweights, or box lids, or keyrings, or those plastic mugs, or anything really. I'll have to source more of those on the internet I think. I do love a beautifully framed cross stitch, but I also like stitching something that I can use.

Not that I'll be able to spend money on anything for a while anyway :)

And thankyou so much to follower number five ... welcome.
I'll be having a competition for followers soon. The prize will be a small kit and a goody bag of stitching supplies.


  1. well... thankfully I don't get to overwhelmed in my spotlight because it really has a pathetic display. Nothing much to choose from. Even their yarns are pathetic. I've noticed they are getting worse and worse every year.

    How do you get designs in a magazine? And how do you make your designs? Do you use a computer program?

  2. Mangogirl - to publish in a magazine, just submit designs to the editor. Sometimes their emails are listed in the magazine, sometimes on the website.

    Yes I use a computer program. I use Stitch Craft designer esition but it's quite expensive. You can buy programs for as little as ten dollars
    This one's good

    I design by drawing or painting the image first.

    My spotlight is massive. It's recently been moved so at the moment the displays are good, but they don't have enough staff to look after things, so it will decline.