Thursday, 31 October 2013

AWOL again and Donations

Hi everyone,
I'm so sorry I've not posted in a whole month. So if anyone is still reading this ... thankyou.
I am going to make a real effort to post at least once a week from now on.

So let me tell you what I am up to;
I have been making a quilt for my daughter, a TARDIS quilt. It's on my quilting frame at the moment, but I will take a photo of it when it's finished.
I finished a quilt for Aussie Hero Quilts
The embroidery on the yellow was done by another lady called Kerry. Those are my son's feet sticking out the bottom :)

We have been evacuated a few times because of the fires (we live in Winmalee). But our house is fine. A few good friends of ours lost their houses so I will be making some quilts for the families. Anna (my daughter) and I have already started one for her friend who lost everything (after just coming home from a major operation).

Anyone who would like to donate a quilt for families who lost their houses in the fires can contact me by email and I will make sure it is hand delivered to them.

November is National Novel writing month which I am participating in this year (the first time since 2009). But I also have some commissions due, so I will be very busy!

I'll write again soon