Wednesday, 25 February 2015

All 64 Blocks

OK, here they all are.
The white one on the bottom left just wouldn't fit on the tables (there are four tressel tables under all the blocks.

Next I will sew a few of the blocks together that need it, and do the applique.

I've had some help the last few days from our new addition.
This is Ollie (short for Olivia). Today I had to keep shooing her away from the moving parts of the sewing machine and rescuing her from pulling the iron down on her head. It's a good thing she is cute!

Hope you are having fun making your own creations

Thursday, 19 February 2015


OK OK I've been AWOL for a month.
I've been happily art journalling over at my other blog
Jens Arty Life

And then my Quilters Guild magazine arrived yesterday with the entry forms for the show and I realised the deadline was approaching fast for entries. The quilt doesn't have to be completed to be accepted. But I would like to have the top done for a better chance at making the show.

So yesterday I sewed another 4 blocks and I plan to do at least 6 a day over the next week to get all the blocks done. I have 19 left to do. But here is the stack now
Yesterday I calculated all the strips I would need for the last blocks and I finished cutting them this morning. So the last 19 blocks just have to be assembled.

Then I need to do the applique and put the top together. I think I should be able to do it all in a few weeks (there are 3 weeks left for the deadline) and that allows time in the mail for the entry if I need to do it that way.

Hmmmm .... better get back to sewing then!