Saturday, 14 May 2011

unable to post

DH says he doesn't have the problems I do and he said maybe it was the way I was accessing blogger through my email. I should be going to the page through google. I'll try that and see how it goes.
But I did also get an error message from blogger saying the site was unavailable for a while. Maybe it was in the short wondow of opportuntiy I had to post yesterday.

In any case, It's Saturday here now and as I've done the necessary house work I'm free to pursue my favourite pass times.

I had a nice idea for country style Christmas item that I'll probably start today or tomorrow (they need to be to the magazine by June ... I know it's strange doing Christmas things at this time of year).

I had a rotten few days at work this week and I'm keen to work hard at my designs to try and pull myself forward into that career.

I've been enjoying stitching the magnolias in the evenings too. I've only had time to do a few threads. But it has been helping me feel 'whole'. I think it's the recreational nature of this stitch (rather than something I'm trying to sell) that makes me able to do just a bit at a time without stress.

I'm off to Hawkesbuty show tomorrow so I'll have photos and plenty to write about.
See you than

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