Friday, 22 February 2013

OOps 22nd Feb already?

I've been a bad little blogger haven't I?

Well I received a magazine in the post today which features two of my patchwork designs and my profile. Talk about a lovely slap on the wrist. With my blog details published, I decided I'd better get my finger out. The magazine isn't out until the 1st of March, so I'd better not show you any of the articles until then, but I can show you the pattern I had in World of Cross Stitching last month.

Here's the Front cover with a picture of my design (so proud ... squeal).

And here is the article inside (with my ugly mug in the corner).

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to scan. I've just been so busy with the project deadlines looming fast and furious at the moment.

I'll scan in the profile and the two project pictures when the magazine hits the news agents.

Until then, I'm making lots of hexagons for a Peacock in Grandmother's garden ... but you won't get to see that until later in the year!


Friday, 1 February 2013

Aussie Hero Quilt Top and EMG Visit

As I've finished my latest creation for magazines, I had a little time to work on my donation quilt. The top is now finished.
I was going for a green and gold look. The centre panels are of a wattle fabric which I picked up for a really good price recently.
I'm going to do an all over quilting pattern for a fast finish. I'll show you when it's complete.

Thusday I had a trip down to the offices of EMG magazines to drop of my latest quilt and to meet Melinda, Editor of Patchwork and Stitching Magazine. She is a lovely young lady and we had a nice littel chat. i didn't want to stay too long as I'd parked awkwardly and was afraid I'd get a ticket (I didn't thankfully). But I had enough time to also catch up with Marilyn (editor of Embroidery and Cross Stitch) and she has encouraged me to design some more designs for them. And I also caught up with Louise, assistant editor of Patchwork and Stitching and Victoria of Handmade.

As usual I came away so inspired to get cracking. I have two quilts with looming deadlines at the end of the month, but I do want to draw something to cross stitch too.

Luckilym things at the Pinnaroo child care centre have slowed down a bit again and I have a bit more time. I will be aiming to use it wisely!