Saturday, 7 May 2011

Oh Joan

I bought the newest edition of Crosssticher magazine (here in Anustralia anyway) and it has the beautiful Iris fairy on the cover designed by Joan Elliot.

She is such a clever designer. Her way with colours and her treatment of composition make every piece a masterpiece.

Funnily enough, even though I am a huge fan of her work, I've never actually stitched one of Joan's deisngs because I don't have time to. So I have no idea if they are easy to stitch, which is one of the elements I try very hard to preserve in my own designs. They do seem to have a lot of backstitch, which in itself is not that hard, it's just time consuming. Usually by the time I get to the backstitching of a project, I've had enough of it and want to go on to the next thing. She also uses a lot of decorative elements like beads and metallic threads. I enjoy beading and I use it in my designs sometimes too.

Joan's designs are also often ladies, which are my favourite subject to stitch, and also to design. I have seen some teddies of hers, but I rarely choose to stitch teddies. And I've just caught a glimpse of a tiny picture of a dragon she designed. I think it was a dragon. The picture was very small.

Another feature of Joan's designs that I really like is the swirly, curly forms she often uses. They were particularly effective in the peacock. It's one of the few designs that wasn't a lady that I thought about stitching. LOL

I hope one day to be as successful as Joan. Yet even if my designs never become as popular as Joan's I'll keep trying to make them as beautiful as hers.


  1. Ohk, this is creepy! I just bought that magazine today myself! That design is beautiful and I have been debating doing it all afternoon... but that means adding to everything else I "want" to stitch.

  2. He he, i guess we stitchers often think alike.
    it's so hard to choose to only do the things we have time for. There should be more hours iin the day for cross ttichers. LOL

  3. More hours definately! I never have enough hours in the day.