Friday, 27 May 2011

Donna Kooler Book Review

Still stuck in the library and browsing the craft section, I pulled out another great book I thought I’d review.  I’ve actually seen this book in my own library and didn’t give it only a cursory glance because of the title. A longer study of this book revealed some unexpected treasures.

Book Review
Cross-Stitch for the first time
Donna kooler
(Sterling Publishing 2004)
                The title of this book is a little deceptive. Yes there are some fantastic tutorials for the beginner which take you right from the start, but there is also a section called ‘Beyond the Basics’ which I found really interesting.
                Even the well practiced stitcher should enjoy the lovely little designs in sections one and two, designed specifically for those starting out in the craft. The fat, happy cat on page 33 reminds me of my own moggy and I’m tempted to stitch this pattern. It’s bright, colourful and happy like most of the patterns in this book.
                As the book progresses through the sections, the designs become more complicated and the techniques more advanced. I’ve never used waste canvas. The tutorial on page 60 made it look easy though. And I’d be more than happy to try it with the cheerful country angel pattern provided.
                Section three was where it all became extremely interesting to me. I’ve been thinking about trying hardanger for a few months now and not only is there a great tutorial, there is a gorgeous pattern provided to try some of these much more difficult techniques. While not technically cross stitch any more, the stitches presented in section three would enhance any work. I think now is the time for me to finally get up the courage to give it a go using the sampler pattern ‘Le Jardin’ ... the garden in French?
                The of course there is section 4; the gallery. If the rest of the book failed to inspire you, there’s bound to be something in the gallery that will impress.
                I’m thinking that rather than borrowing this book I’m going to seek out a copy to buy – that’s how much I like it.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my second book review. See you next time
Jenni Mills

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  1. I really enjoy your book reviews. I hope you get to do more