Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cross Stitch Day

OK, I want to rename Mother's day to 'Cross Stitch Day' because that's what I've done for the whole day and it's been fabulous!!!!!

I finished 'Recital' which I'll be submitting to a magazine on Monday.
It's designed from the watercolour artwork I painted a few years ago.

I didn't enjoy stitching the wings. But I love how it turned out. I tie dyed the fabric in the backgorund and it looks a lot like the picture above. I'll let you know if it makes it into a magazine one day. The next piece I dye I'm going to film the process and put the tutorial up on you tube. Of course I'll put the link here.

 And then I started a new cross stitch from the Cross Stitch Collection magazine. I hardly ever get to stitch other people's designs, so I'm treating myself. I chose one that's not too big ... I have to get back to my own stitches tomorrow, but I think I'll allow myself 'leisure' stitching some evenings. It's really nice to stitch something with no pressure.

I chose the magnolia designs by Angela Poole. I'm stitching the smaller design with just three blossoms. I had a few of the colours already, so I've made a pretty good start to it. I'm stitching it on a sparkly Zweigart aida for a bit of bling (I love my bling).

I'll upload it when I'm done.


  1. Hello, apologies for not answering earlier, I’ve only just noticed your comment on my dream study blog. I should check it more often! Please do put a link to my study on any of your blogs, and consider taking part yourself if you’re a high dream recaller.

    This is very beautiful, you’re a great creative person. Exactly the creative type I’d like to recruit for my study because it’s been found that people who are creative have a higher dream recall than those who aren’t. I’m a knitter but have done some cross stitch and other embroidery in the past. I love cross stitch patterns because they lend themselves well to knitting too.

  2. Hi Josie, it's OK I've already signed up for the dream study.
    I wrote abotu it in my Deviant art journal and sent a link from there.

  3. KittyDragon - thanks very much. I hope you get to see the chart when it comes out.

  4. Wow that watercolour is beautiful. I can't wait to see what magazine takes that chart. I will have to keep an eye out! Please keep us updated.

  5. Thankyou mango girl - i will indeed let you know in the blog.

  6. Lovely artwork Jenni.Hope the magazine accepts the design....then you can let us see the stitching too!
    I like the idea of 'cross stitch day', but only once a year? Maybe we should just add an extra day to the week! lol
    Enjoy stitching the magnolias, don't forget to take some pics so we can see your progress.

  7. Well, yes ... that would be much better I hadn't thought about that, only one day a year would be awful.