Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Daughter's Rainbow

I'm so proud of my daughter who stitched me a rainbow for mother's day.
Like many of my forum friends at I agree it's wonderful that her teacher took the time to show them how to stitch and then gave them opportunities in class time to complete it.I had quite a few requests for a picture of her work. Bare in mind it's her first finished work and she's only 11.

Actually I was pleasantly surprised the stitching is quite neat. She had to design the backstitching herself and she said she shortened the rainbow.

She's had a go at designing something herself and even though she didn't finish stitching it, I know she enjoyed the process. So who knows, maybe she'll be following in my footsteps as a designer?

See you tomorrow



  1. That is so sweet. It's wonderful of your daughter's teachers to organise that.

  2. Well done to your daughter. Definitely something to treasure!

  3. So sweet. My mom still has the first thing I cross stitched. We made into a magnet and it still sit on her fridge

  4. Well done to daughter - are you going to make something with it that you can use?

    I see my comment did come up on your previous post after all. And, yes, it is getting chilly on the coast but probably not near as cold as in the mountains!

  5. Thanks all.
    Blogger was down here for about a day ... up and rubbing again.
    No idea what the problem was. Did everyone else get the error message?