Friday, 31 January 2014

Pam Bono Butterfly

I bought this pattern nearly a year ago to try out Pam's patterns.
Yesterday I finally got around to trying it out.
I enjoyed the process and learned a few things along the way, and here is the result.
Of course the pattern calls for at least 8 butterflies and there are many other elements that make up the absolutely beautiful quilt.
One day when I have more time I'd love to make the whole quilt ... but this was always going to be an exercise in learning a new method of piecing.

And now on to other things.
Thanks for reading

Thursday, 23 January 2014

First Workshop

Well it was for my mum ... but hey! It counts.
We were working through my Crinoline Lady to iron out any kinks in the pattern before I take my workshops to the retail outlets.
Here is how hers turned out.
Hers has a much more country feel to it than mine but we both loved how it turned out. Of course it will look even better once she has done the satin stitch around the raw edges on her machine. 
I'm looking forward to finishing the quilt top with her and then taking it to other ladies to complete as well.


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Valentine Hoop

I've been enjoying designing some hoops lately after being inspired by the latest Homespun article on them. I've seen them around before of course ... but that article really kicked off my ideas.
Here's a little one I have on sale at ETSY
but most will be designed for publication.
I can't get away from the fact that applique is my absolute most favourite thing to do! And what a great way to use some suffolk puffs and buttons which I also have so much fun with.

Spotlight and Lincraft were actually out of quite a few sizes of hoops when I went to buy some more ... have they not realised that they are a craze?

See you again soon

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Here's to a New Year

I've started with a new design.
This may look like a pillow ...
Well, it kind of is. It's a quillow. It's a quilt which has a pocket at the back. you can then fold the whole quilt inside itself to make a pillow.

The snow flake design is for the Winter edition of Patchwork and Stitching (on sale later in 2014).
The quilt has 3 applique snow flakes and 3 pieced blocks all set in a checkerboard style with this wonderful snowflake fabric I found at Penrith Patchwork.

Once I've finished writing the instructions for this quilt it's off to the magazine for photography.

Next week I plan to work on a very large fairy applique quilt to show at the Springwood Quilt show which is coming up.

I also need to work on my '10' entry for the Australasian quilt show.

Guess I'm starting the year off as busy as ever!