Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lots Going On

Firstly; here is your next guess for the cross stitch ... surely it's obvious now! LOL As I said, some people have already guessed correctly.
This has been accepted for Embroidery and cross stitch magazine.

 I decided to give confetti quilting a go. And here is the result.
 It's quite warped, and I will never use that stabiliser again for this purpose. I'll use the firmest I can buy in future, as I did quite a bit of stitching in the tree trunk, which did the warping.
Thanks to Gail Hut for her video tutorial.
I haven't bought the confetti powder yet, so I used a spray basting glue. The first time I tried it, it blew the pieces everywhere and I learned I had to spray up high and directly on top.
I'm very happy with the tree which I spent the most time on. I sucked at the undergrowth as I just lost patience with the whole project. So another thing I learned is to choose subject I enjoy working on. I'm really not much of a landscape person, much as I admire the work people do on those quilts. i just got bored with it.

And lastly, here is my current WIP which I'm calling Girl Power as it is so bright and girly already with more girly fluff to come. Sorry the picture is a bit warped. I took it from above the quilt, which was lying on the table.
I quietly confident it will be ready for the Mad Quilters trade show in Penrith next weekend where patterns will be available. Patterns will also be available on my ETSY account when it's finished.

Thanks for reading. See you next time

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My headache has finally gone!

I'm starting to feel human!
So here is guess number 7.
Sorry it is a little blurry, taken from my phone. But I think it gives you a pretty good idea of what it is now?
I won't get another chance to work on it until next week now probably as I am finishing off a few unpaid (but with a deadline) projects.
And the winner for the fabrics;

Shez and Rhona.

I pulled out Shez's name first so she can choose and then Rhona gets the other one. Shez, you can email me with your choice and your address so I can post it. Rhona, could you please email me with your address too so I can post yours as soon as Shez has chosen.
Thanks for playing everyone.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Sorry, Busy and sick

Just a quick note to say I'll update tomorrow.
I've just had a super busy week making a quilt in just two and a half days from start tot finish (never want to do that again). Then I had three long days working at the child care centre, school holiday care (I'll NEVER have to do that again, as I've now finished working there HOORAY).

And just to finish things off nicely I think I have larangitis (if my voice is anything to go by). I've got a doctor's appointment to go to in about an hour.

So I just wanted to say I haven't forgotten give aways and competitions. I'll post with a winner of the fabrics, and another clue for the cross stitch tomorrow, plus a longer update on what's coming up.

Friday, 5 July 2013

New Pattern Available

Introducing Sow Joy;

The pattern for this lovely little wall hanging is now available at my ETSY store

It is currently not available anywhere else. It's listed for $9.95, there is no shipping as it is instant download.

I hope you will pop over and have a look.

More clues for the guessing competition coming VERY soon.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Can't hide it forever

This is clue number 6, and it's becoming obvious what it is now. Well, I tried to fool you, but I had to stitch the main figure eventually! So tell me what it is and I'll enter you into the draw for the $20 gift voucher from the stitching post.

 There have already been 2 correct guesses and they get 10 and 8 entries respectively. The next three correct answers get 6,4 and 2 entries. But don't forget you can get more entries by mentioning the competition on your blog or other site and letting me know by email that you've posted a link.
And here is a pic of the pin cushion I made (mostly) while on my anniversary break. It was so much fun I couldn't stop. But now that it is finished I have gone back to stitching the pink thing (you probably know what it is now!)

Thanks again everyone for following or reading my blog.