Sunday, 15 April 2012


I wish there was a delete button on my cross stitch.
I had to unpick again today (only a small piece thankfully).

Three hours of stitching was pretty good today considering my family came over for my dad's birthday. Happy birthday dad.
I'm getting really close, but maybe Monday evening is was a bit hopeful. I forgot I still had one side of the metallic thread to stitch which alwasy takes longer to do small areas because of the care needed with unwinding and pulling the thread through. It took me about an hour just to do about 60 stitches.
Then there is the backstitch I still need to do (about half the design still needs that) and of course the beading which takes a few hours too. Hmmm, yes ... maybe tuesday evening?

I won't be able to post a full photo as i plan to pitch it to the UK mags. But I can show you a detail shot.

Thanks for your comments on my candle collar. It's safe back home now and in my display cabinet.

See you next time


  1. Visit of frogs is never very welcome:-) Good thing you saw in time you made the mistake! Wishing you luck on getting it UK mag.

  2. Love the idea of a delete button! Hope you manage to get all the stitching done to your deadline, it's always disappointing when it takes longer than you anticipated.

  3. I hate it when there's a mistake in my cross stitch. I always have to unpick, even though it doesn't matter, because I'm a perfectionist!