Monday, 23 April 2012

Circus Pony

Just a little design I'm working on at the moment.
I was going to do a steam punk victorian lady after talking to Miamina. But I'm not sure the magazines would go for that. It might be a bit radical for them. And then I had a dream about horses and had an urge to draw one. So that's how the little circus pony came about.


  1. I think this would be great in cross stitch, it's such a pretty design, are you going to stitch this one?

  2. Hi Rhona. It depends on who wants it as to if I stitch it or not. If it goes to an Australian magazine - then yes. But I think the UK mags have their own stitchers.

    Shebafudge. I hope the mags like it. I finished designing it this morning.

  3. I really like it! It's great having lots of ideas then you can pick and choose which ones you think will be received the best. I'll still throw my ideas at you, you never know I might actually come up with something usable!

  4. he/she's so cute!! I love horses :D and so colourful!