Thursday, 12 April 2012

School Holidays

Firstly a big hello to all my new followers who have come to me through Leibster awards. Thanks for joining. I think that award is a fantastic idea. It's a good way to see more blogs. I'm always surprised that there isn't a way to search for blogs in a certain theme at blogger. We all seem to find one another by following blog trails. Luckily that's fun too.

It's school holidays here in NSW Australia for two weeks. This means I have to to fight for the computer more often than not. I'm typing this at 7:40am when no one else is up .... one of the few times I can be assured of getting any computer time.

Today I'm scrapbooking with a friend who is a high school teacher. So this is one of the few times we can get together all day to indulge in our shared hobby. I don't know if any of you scrapbook as well as beading or stitching, but it takes a lot of time and money and space. So you have to organise a get together when you have plenty of all those things. This particular friend bought me a voucher for my birthday recently and I spent it yesterday on new papers.

As for my beading and stitching; I've made good progress on Viva Las Vegas, even though the Easter break meant lots of distractions. I'm so far into it now that I'm starting to think about the next design. If anyone has any suggestions or preferences, speak now!!! LOL I'm thinking of a pretty witch for Halloween ... or maybe a sexy devil. There are so many ideas to choose from.

I'm still trying to get into the UK magazine market. No luck yet. I'm having to alter my design ideas as I can't compete with Joan Eliott's fairies and lovely ladies. She is in every magazine now. Now I'm trying different themes. The last effort was a beautiful flamingo. Next I think I'll try some flowers in an art nouveau style or some exotic animals like a Lima or a red panda. I try to keep the design in my style (with a bit of a fantasy flair) as that is what I like, and that is what I'd like to be known for. Now that I think about it, I think I remember suggesting to one of my internet friends that I might try a unicorn ... but Joan Elliot has just done one fo those too.

A few weeks ago I thought I'd do a lovely butterfly with a kind of art nouveau flair. And then I picked up the latest issue of Cross Stitching and saw it had a butterfly on the front with a lace border. That's a bit too close to waht I had in mind. Damn! Beaten to the punch again.

Never mind. I'll keep working at it, and doing my fantasy ladies for the Australian mag, who seem more than happy to have them.

I have a beaded piece coming out in this months edition of Beads to Inspire (Express Publications). It's a wired candle collar. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

If you've read this far, you are a wonderful friend and I thank you for your support.


  1. We can never stitch too many beautiful ladies. I love the Showgirl design. If you designed ladies like JE without all the backstitch everywhere, I would definitely be interested. I love her stuff but not the outlining for outlinings sake.

    Have a fun time scrapbooking!

  2. Hope you have a good day scrapbooking with your friend, I'm sure it'll be a fun day!

    Just keep at it with your ideas, I know it's disappointing to be turned down and then to see the ideas that you have being beaten to it. I'll try and think of some ideas and let you know!

  3. Enjoy your scrapbooking....and the school holidays!
    Looking forward to seeing more of Viva Las vegas, she was looking awesome last time. Which UK mags are you submitting to Jenni? (You can email me if you don't want to have this conversation here ;) !!)

    I know exactly how you feel when your idea is staring back at you from a amagazine....I'm feeling that way right now!! I'm heading back to the drawingboard right now! lol

  4. Shebafudge, I know exactly what you mean, I'ts put me off doign her oriental series for sure. I hate back stitch, so I include as little of it as possible. LOL
    I'm doing the backstitch as I go this time to avoid the finishing off blues.