Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bad News and Good News

The circus Pony was passed up by the first magazine I offered it to. She said it was lovely bit it wasn't the right fit for the mag.
At least I didn't spend time stitching it (God bless computer simulations).

My husband broke his tooth last night (just to add to financial pressure). It's quite unfair. He takes really good care of his teeth and nags us all to floss. But this one tooth has been giving him trouble for years. I feel so sorry for him ... he just got over a really NASTY case of sinusitis (he's not even completely better).


I saw a wonderful quote on a cross stitch yesterday that I may design into something.

Make today count.

I have some errands to run today, but when I get home I'll knuckle down and design something else that will hopefully hit the mark.


I've just gotten word that my ever faithful, wonderful Australian editor will take the Pony (stitched with a girl's name and an alphabet ... I'll give it to my friend's daughter as a present).

So, no UK breakthrough yet.

I'm not working at Macdonalds though!


  1. hope your hubby feels better, good luck with all your projects they sound lovely !

  2. Bah, what do the UK magazine editors know, I'd have loved to have seen it in a magazine over here! At least the Australian ones seem to have a little more sense!

    Sorry to hear about your OH breaking his tooth, I hope it's not too painful for him.

    Keep at it with the UK magazines, it may take a while but I'm sure you'll get there. Have you tried asking for feedback and what kind of things they look for?

  3. Fantastic that someone has taken the pony for the mag, even if it's not a UK one. Sorry to hear about your hubby. It's hard when you take such good care of your teeth and the cost of dentistry is enough to have you saying ouch! All things British are very big at the moment with the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee. Any ideas in that direction for UK mags?

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. I have asked the editors what they want and have had no reply. Perhaps they are waiting to be dazzled.
    Unfortunately I think by the time I had something accepted the olympics would be over!
    I'm still trying.
    Hubby will see the dentist tomorrow as today is ANZAC day ... least we forget.

  5. Awww, sorry to hear the UK mags didn't take your circus pony, I thought he was adorable! Hope the design for your quote worked out as planned.