Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Better luck next time

Well, my last few submissions for the UK cross stitch market have been rejected.
They were very nice about it and wished me luck for the next one.
 But I'm hoping I'll blow them away with the lastest one.

Each time I design something I try to do a little better than the one before. I honestly think that the latest work was the nicest thing I have ever done ... so I hope the UK editors think it's good enough to publish in their mags. I wish I could show you guys.

I worked hard on that design all day and didn't get any stitching done. Tomorrow  for sure!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear they didn't accept it, but you should keep on trying. Hope you get lots of stitching done today!

  2. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they like it! It's tough when they reject an idea - especially if it's one you particularly love! Good luck!