Friday, 13 April 2012


My scrapbooking day was postponed as Nicole (my friend) came down sick. So I did 3 and half hours stitching instead. It's really coming along now.

Here's those pics I promised of the candle collar.

Of course the magazine did a nicer job of the photography (I've seen the pic already, Nicole found it in a craft preview magazine). But I do like my night time shot with it glowing (and the cool reflection on the table). They actually used a bigger white candle in the photo shoot. It does look classy,  though I personally like the tealight as it shines through the collar.

I'll be stitching, stitching, stitching today and I hoep to finish Viva Las Vegas by Monday evening ... maybe???


  1. I like the look of it! and you did a great job on the photography too.

  2. Oh Jenni, that's gorgeous! The night time shot with the reflection is fantastic. I can imagine that will be a really popular item in the magazine.