Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Whoah UFOs

I was cleaning up my cross stitch cupboard yesterday and I found at least 10 UFOs. Only 4 of them are large projects, and most of them are only unfinished because I haven't made them into anything yet (a pencil case, two bookmarks, a needle case, two cards, stitched but waiting to be turned into something useable.

I put them all in a box and labelled it UFOs to try and shame myself into finishing some.

Part of the problem is that I don't have time to work on anything that isn't mine and I can't sell the design. I'd like to finish them. And a many of the others are my designs and I decided they weren't good enough to sell.

I should commit myself to finishing off some of the easier ones each weekend. The bookmarks really would only take an hour to make up. Less if I glued them.
Those of you who have watched me for some time would remember 'Sun'

Well now that I have a great company that is willing to sell my design charts, he's been bumped up the list to third.

First is a bookmark of my own that I dropped everything yesterday to design, which will go to local tourist spots.

Second is Peacock Princess (or Viva Las Vegas as I keep calling her). I've given myself until the Darling Harbour craft show to finish her and Sun. The show is massive and thousands of people will see my work on display.

I'd like to get his sister 'Moon' done by then too. But the show is in June and I know not to overcommit myself. I havent' even started designing her yet. But I know the fellers at Sew it all would love for me to do her by then as she will be completed on their fabric.

Well, that was a massive blog. Kudos to you if you made it to the end!!!
Thankd for reading.

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  1. :D I was wondering what had happened to sun I thought it was just that you couldn't show us.