Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Three Sisters

I've just finished stitching a bookmark that I will sell as kits at the local tourist attraction - the Three Sisters.
If you've never see the three sisters, this is what they look like

They are about 30 mins drive from my house and 3 million people a year come to see them. Hopefully the tourist spots there will be happy to well my souvenier bookmark kits.

I bought souvenier kits all over the UK when I was visiting there. I've done Stone Henge, a welsh harpist and the tudor roses.

Not only are they are nice momento of your visit, they are somethign fun to do while you're on holiday.

My bookmark kits will be available for $12 plus postage on ETSY from next week.

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  1. gorgeous bookmark kit :D I've never been there.