Thursday, 8 March 2012

RoseHill Craft Show and more revelations

This morning I went down to Rosehill Racecourse for the 2012 Craft and Sewing show.
I spent soooo much money. And here's some of the goodies I bought; a purple and blue swirly aida that I just cannot wait to design something for.

Sorry for the poor images, I plonked the fabrics on my scanner as my camera batteries were flat and I couldn't wait to show them to you.
I also bought, from the same stand, a 'sherbert' hand dyed evenweave, 6 coasters and a half a meter strip of ribbon aida (the type you usually put on towels, but I'm planning something different for mine!).

I also made contact with some awesome businesses that have shown interest in my cross stitch designs.

Most unexpectedly, I learned something about myself at the show.
I try to do too much. So I've decided to specialise. I'm going to focus on textile designs.

I do love to bead, but I feel it should be a means of embellishments, not a major medium for me.
There are LOTS of talented beaders out there. But I got caught up in producing things quickly for the Artfest craft show. Now I know that's not me. I'm not about doing something that is almost mass produced. I'm about experimenting and doing things in unexpected ways and combining materials. Sometimes that takes a bit more time. It's not something that can be produced in quantities large enough for a craft market.

I'm a decorative arts designer, not a craftsman.

I don't know if any of that makes sense to you. But it does to me, and even writing it here helps to solidify my feelings.

Now if I can just save enough money to buy that $7000 long arm sewing machine that I want ... LOL


  1. That fabric is beautiful, I've not seen anything like that with the swirls before. I can't blame you for spending money, I'm sure I'd be terrible. Fabric is my new obsession, I've bought a ton of it recently.....I must do more stitching and less buying!

    I'm glad that you've decided where your interest lies. I think it's good to have a main focus, it's great to do something different every so often so please don't give up on your beading work as it is beautiful.

  2. LOL, thanks Miamina. At least having no money now means that I have to get stuck in and work my tail off. I'm really glad I've refined my targets. I feel like I have more focus. I won't give up beading, I just won't make it something I strive to do for resale. And jewelry won't be the major focus of my work.

  3. Oooh, Jenni, that fabric is wonderful! Can't wait to see what you produce using it. Gorgeous colours.

    I know exactly what you mean about trying to do too much....I'm exactly the same!

    Good luck with the focus now being on textile design, sounds exciting!

  4. Thanks Rhona, I couldnt' believe my luck when I saw that stuff. I've sent an email to the stall to make sure he can get more so that stitchers can find it if they want to do my designs.
    I think I've made the right decision about textiles.