Friday, 9 March 2012


I want to talk about a product I used today, which is I think is great.
I'm not being paid by anyone to say this LOL.
This morning I used Grip and Frame to fix up my finished piece, Recital.
I framed this piece myself rather quickly so that I could get it off to the Magazines (it's one of my designs). But I did such a bad job that when I got it back home the linene was starting to sag in the frame.

Yesterday when I was at the Rosehill craft and sewing show I met the guys at Sew it All Australia who demonstrated this fabulous product called Grip and Frame. It consists of strips of plastic with little teeth on it that push through your fabric, and when you stretch your fabric over them it holds tight. Then you just pop it into your frame. You can use the wood that comes with the frame (but you have to cut it down because the teeth add width). I won't pretend I got it right the first time. I cut the wood a bit too big, it didnt' fit back in the frame and I had to recut it (my own silly mistake, nothing to do with the product).

But I can't express how much better the finished product looks. I wish I'd taken a before and after shot now.

As for the design ... I will have it for sale shortly. I did get it to the magazines, they photographed it and sent it back ... but now no one can remember which magazine it went in!!!


  1. gorgeous finish :D
    I like the sew it all frames. I bought the framing stuff but haven't used it but I use their stitching frame all the time. It is so easy to use and holds the fabric really tight.

  2. I don't use a frame for stitching, but I can imagine these are great for that.