Thursday, 25 August 2011

Well I got an hour done.

After clearing the day to stitch I fell asleep for four hours!!!! I was just going to nap for a few hours and i just didn't wake up. i was a bit annoyed with myself, but I obviously needed it.

When I got up I had a farewell afternoon tea to go to and when I came home I got an hour of stitching done before the tiredness overcame me again. I had an early night.

Today I was teaching and I never feel much like stitching in the afternoon. But I'm looking forward to the weekend at least.


  1. Four hours...that was a long nap! You must have needed it though. Hope you enjoy your weekend and manage to get some stitching done!

  2. enjoy the weekend jenni you deserve some rest and fun and most of all sleep *hugs*