Monday, 22 August 2011

So Close, Yet No Go

I have had a learning experience today.
Always, always, always read ALL of the instructions.

Last Monday I drove down town (half an hour) to drop off the money and form for a craft competition. I had finished the stitching, but not made up the project yet. I thought 'I'll do that on the weekend, I have until next Monday to drop off the finished item'.

The weekend came around and luckily I remembered on Sunday night that I needed to finish the item. It was too late to do it then, but I knew I'd be off work on Monday. Plenty of time to do it then run it down.

Then my dog hurt his eye quite badly and I knew I'd need to take him to the vet. Ok, getting a bit of a busy day, but I can handle it right? His aapointment was 10:30. I'll just do some work on the item before I take him and then finish it off when I get home.

At just before 12 noon I finished the item. Yay.

Then the school called, my daughter was sick, could I please come and get her? No problem, I'll pick her up, get her settled and when my son gets home from school I'll drive down so she doesn't get dragged.

I thought I'd just play it safe and check that the stewrd would still be there at 4pm.

DAMN!!! There was my problem. The steward only accepted entried until 12 noon and then judging started. I missed the deadline by an hour and a half!!!

I'm annoyed at myself because if I'd had the item finished earlier I would have run it down first thing in the morning. Or if I'd read the instructions more carefully I would have remembered to get the item done on time.

I've been trying to get myself organised to enter this bloomin competition for a few years. I thought I'd finally done it.

But I'm not goign to dwell on the mistake. There's always next year and it is only a small competition. I'll look around for other competition in the mean time. And I will read the instructions carefully and act in good time.

And at least I can share a photo of the finished item with you lovely readers. It's 'Making Wreaths' sewn into a padded book cover.
Making wreaths is available as a blog special (including instructions to make up the book cover) from my etsy store. Just click on the 'charts' page from the menu at the right.


  1. Its a lovely piece and a great way of using a stitched item! Sorry about the competition xx

  2. That's beautiful, and an unusual way of finishing

  3. hi jenn *hugs* thanks so much for your blog link, just love your blog design made me happy looking at it ;) :)
    so sorry you missed the competition, are there any similar ones you van enter?? by the way you stitchery is so gorgeous love what you did there :)you are definitely super-mom!!dont know how you do all these things and have time for your crafts.
    hope you have a better day today and our little model who is not that little anymore is feeling better xoxo