Thursday, 1 September 2011

September Progress

It's Spring!!!!
I bought some violas and potted them in a lovely glazed pot I have, plus a hanging basket that has been sitting sadly empty for at least 8 months. They look lovely and inspired me to weed the garden, water the lawn and check on the worm farm. I just love Spring and the blooms are really inspiring to me.

The little violas with their sweet, colourful faces are bound to inspire a cross stitch card or two.

Speaking of cross stitch cards, there is a local lady who goes to the market in my home town and sells bookmarks and cards that she has cross stitched. She has been doing it for years. In fact I once comissioned her to do a green dragon card for my son's first birthday and he is now 15. I am going to ask her to stitch some of my designs for the magazines as I just don't have time to stitch all the ideas I have. I'll still choose some of my favourites to stitch.

I haven't touched 'Sun' in a week. Instead I've been working on needle turn applique mini quilts. I'm hoping the Patchwork magazine will pick them up.

This afternoon I posted off some projects to Express Publications; 'Moonlight Fairy', 'Moonlight' (the beaded box) and a fairy done in needle turn applique that I've called 'Sparkle'. Fingers crossed, they will go in three different magazines. Eventually I hope to be submitting successfully to four different Australian magazines and three overseas magazines. If all goes well, that should keep the cheques coming in enough to call myself a professional designer.

I'll keep you updated here of course.

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  1. That's great about the magazines and the flowers :D Mum's started with her flowers too they look so beautiful.

    If you ever need someone else to help stitch designs I'm up for a challenge I only live up the coast a little way from you :P