Sunday, 21 August 2011

Motivation slump

I haven't been motivated lately to stitch because I've been so darn tired from work (teaching). If I'm too tired i know i'll make mistakes counting, and then that's it, I don't want to stitch. This year cannot be over fast enough.

Anna, my daughter has also been zapping a lot of my energy with this sudden urge to learn patchwork. Yesterday we started a full size 'sleeping bag' quilt for her. I'm loving it. And I even got out a colour wash quilt I started about 18 months ago to work on myself.

It's just not cross stitching and that's making me feel .... withdrawal. LOL

I think today I'll pick up 'sun' for a few hours. My husband will be using the large tables in our 'playroom' where I usually sew to play table top games with a friend. So I won't be able to patchwork. And that's the perfect push towards that little silver needle and all those lovely coloured threads.

Thankyou so very much to everyone who commented. It makes me feel like people are reading along. XXXX OOOO hugs and kisses

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  1. :D a good chance to stitch! I take any excuse.