Monday, 15 August 2011

not much stitching still

Ahhhh, so frustgrating.
Saturday we do the house work, then hubby wanted to do some shopping, then I was too tired to do much.
Sunday I got three hours done in the morning and then hubby wanted to do more house work, and then my daughter decided she wanted to learn to patchwork. Well, she isn't in the mood for craft often, so I grabbed the oportunity and we spent the rest of the day sewing a quilted sleeping bag with a nine patch front and back for her baby doll.

While I had the sewing machine out I sewed up an applique piece which I'll finish with some more hand sewn lettering.

So it wasn't all bad news.

But I'm just not getting ahead with that major project.


  1. :D at least there was some sort of sewing and craft happening :D

  2. I've been unable to stitch for the past week as well, it's killing me!

  3. Hope you had fun with your daughter!