Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Progress Report

Eight Hours into 'Sun' and I'm thinking 'what have I done to myself?'
It's not that this is a difficult project. And if it was another designers work, I wouldn't hesitate to spend a few months stitching up a lovely creation. I'm merely thinking that for the fee I will earn from this design, I'm making a pittance.

But it's not all about the fee is it?

My husband asked me recently if we came into a lot of money would I still design and stitch cross stitches? I didn't even have to think about the answer. Of course I would.

Unfortunately no large sum of moeny has come my way yet, so I have to think about the fee.

I also know that designing for magazines is good publicity. To get my designs to a larger audience, I need them to be in the magazines, and I want the customers to see my best work.

Also, I 'm enjoying the process, so it can't really be called 'work'.

So what am I worried about? I'll just keep enjoyign the stitching!

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