Monday, 25 July 2011

What's Next?

I know I've been very quiet lately.
I was still working on my school planning. It took so much out of me. But it's finally all done.
So now I can relax and settle back into doign some designing work.

I've nearly finished stitching the peacock which is the first bird of my exotic birds series of cards. I'm considering having the others stitched by a local lady who sells who cross stitch work at the market.

But I've also embarked on a much larger project - the sun and the moon.
I have the models for the artwork picked out and 'the sun' pencilled onto watercolour paper ready for painting. I'll pencil in 'the moon' later today. I actually like 'the moon' better. So that's why I'm doing 'the sun' first. I'll hang 'the moon' infront of my face like a carrot to get 'the sun' done.

I'll post some pictures of the artworks when they are finished.

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