Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just One Piece Left

Just letting you know there is only one piece of hand dyed aida fabric left; pictured below.
It's 14 count and about 19.5cm by 25cm.
Price is $15 plus postage (it worked out at just $1.20 to an Australian address) and you also receive the Moonlight Fairy chart.


  1. and it came very quickly :D
    I can't wait until I get around to buying threads and stitching it! That will have to be after I finish organising my threads to see if I already have them!

  2. One of the advantages of designign your own work mangogirl LOL I choose colours I already have. But having said that you can guarantee when I pick up someone elses design I have to buy at least three colours. Ah well, it means one day I'll have them all!!! The collection is steadily growing.