Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Some News

I've just found out that my 'Herald Angel' (as in Hark the Herald Angels Sing) will be in issue 19.2 of Embroidery and Cross Stitch. It's the Christmas edition I think, so I expect it will be out late August to give stitchers time to work on their items for presents or decorating their home. Luckily that means the angel will most likely be back in my home in time for Christmas.

I'll let you know when the magazine is released.


  1. Oh, cool, congratulations! They've been carrying this magazine at the local Jo-Ann's, so I really hope they have your issue!

  2. Jo-Ann's missy? I haven't heard of that before. Is that a craft shop? Home Made does have a bigger circulation than ECS so I am quite pleased abotu being included, thankyou.