Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ten Pet Stitchy Hates

10. Not actually getting time to stitch. Whether the distractions are enjoyable or annoying, at the end of the day, if i don't get to stitch it just seems wrong!

9. Finding that you've forgotten something important and you can't stitch when you're out. Yesterday it was the fabric I was supposed to be working on. DOH!

8. Getting up to do something, putting my glasses down and then I don't know where they are.

7. Running out of a thread when the shops are closed.

6. My lamp falling off the table it's screwed to.

5. Dropping my thread box and they all fall out.

4. A knot in your thread.

3. Metallic thread fraying.

2. Finding a knot at the back of your fabric that you've already well and truly stitched it in.

1. Unpicking! It's bad enough when you have to unpick something you just stitched, but when you discover you've made a mistake hours or days later ... well I just can't do it. I usually  just work the design around the mistake.


  1. # 1 It drives me insane when I come back to a project and realize I made the mistake a while ago. I do the same, a little tweaking of the pattern. Also I think #4 may be my #1

  2. lol, I agree with most of those, especially number 2!! now I always let my thread unwind every couple of stitches or so.

  3. LOL, thanks for your feedback guys. I thought it might be a bit of fun to do the ten most hated. Of course you can add your own if I haven't listed it here.