Sunday, 3 July 2011

Quick Finish and Preview

I just finished a quick card that I got free in a magazine.
I'm so glad I was able to start it actually as I had pinched the needle out of the kit quite some time ago and forgotten to replace it. I was waiting for my son to do his Taekwondo lesson when I brought it out and realised I had no needle ... bummer right? But the day before I had put an emergency sewing kit in my handbag. Phew!!!
And here is a very quick preview of my next piece for Cross Stitch and Embroidery. I can't show you the finished piece unfortunately (they want you to buy the magazine. LOL). This is the Moonlight fairy on another of my hand dyed fabeic (14 count aida this time). The photo doesn't show the gold thread very well, but it stands out beautifully on the dark background.

I actually dyed four pieces of fabric in the same manor. Of course each one comes out differently, that's the beauty of hand dying. I chose the one I wanted to use. They are all beautiful, I just chose the one which 'spoke' to me.

If you would like one of the other pieces of the hand dyed fabric, I'll give you the chart of the moonlight fairy for free (including the finished photo of course). I'm asking $15 for the fabric (approx 20cm by 25cm) and chart. Let me know if that's a fair price. You can contact me by email and I'll send you a photo of the two pieces I have for offer. There are only 2 pieces for sale and I don't intend to dye any more exactly like this.

So just to be clear: $15AU for the hand dyed fabric and Moonlight fairy chart. There is no thread or needle included. Buyer will be responsible for postage from Australia (it will all be quite light so I don't anticipate it being more than $5AU).

When the magazine prints the pattern there will be instructions to dye the fabric yourself.

Well I guess that's it for tonight,
Happy Stitching

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  1. Gorgeous fabric! I'm really tempted to try to dye some myself after seeing all these wonderful pieces....I just need an extra few hours in the day to fit everything in that I want to do!! lol
    Fairy design looks good so far! When do you have to have finished by?