Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This and That

I still can't post comments. Blogger seems to be having some real issues.

So thankyou Rhona for the lovely comment on my WIP. I don't have a due date for it, just asap. It should be done in the next week.

Welcome follower number 9.

Today I'm off to the library again. This time it's to be chaffeur to my son who's goign to the movies. It's a pupil free day at his school.

Last night I was talking to my brother. He's an aspiring writter and working really hard at his craft. Everytime I get on the phone he asks me about my writing. When I told him I'd pretty much given it up to pursue my designing career (where I AM actually earning some money), my husband seemed a bit shocked. He asked me why I hadn't sent my stuff to the publisher who was interested. I commented that it was a very small publisher and I would probably make less than $100. And he said 'but you've done all the work, why not finish it off?'. I felt really guilty after that.

It makes me wonder if I'll ever 'make it' in any field on my own. I do procrastinate with the admin work,  or the last few steps. I just recently sent in 5 designs in one go. Some of them had been finished for quite a few months, but I hadn't written instructions or made them up into projects. I will be paid for them, but I could have already been paid for them.

I have improved over the last few years though. Five years ago I was terrible at finishing anything and hopped from one project to another. Now at least I make myself finish one chart before starting a new one. And I delayed sending designs in due to confidence. The first design sat finished for three years before I found courage to send it to publishers.

So perhaps the little changes I make day by day will be enough.

I'll work on that paperwork problem. I'll set aside some time each day to get it done.

And I might as well sned off the publishing agreement for my books today. Like my husband said, 90% of the work is already done.

Wish me luck.

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