Saturday, 4 June 2011

All Our Yesterdays

Book Review

All Our Yesterdays
Faye Whittaker for DMC
David and Charles publications 2007

I was extremely lucky to pick up this book at a bargain price. I saw it on the shelf for $7.99 and when i went to pay for it they told me it had been reduced to $3.99. I couldn't believe my luck.

When I first heard about this book I went searching for images of the patterns online. I thought the historic costumes were quite nice, but didn't think I would bother stitching any of them. Getting my hand on the book has changed my mind. There are some wonderful large pieces depicting the victorian seaside holiday. but it is the littl epieces that have taken my fancy. The girl with sunhat t her back on page 64 is adorable and so is the girl sailing a little boat on page 78.

All the patterns have very strong colour pallettes with red and royal blue being prominent. These striking colours seem to add to the victorian feel of the images.

the charts use only full stitches, so it is ideal for someone just starting out (or like me, who doesn't enjoy fractional stitches. And while backstitching is used to outline some major areas, the designs are not reliant on backstitch to form the picture.

I'm very much lookign forward to stitching one of the designs from this book.

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