Sunday, 12 June 2011

Preview/ Detail

I just can't resist showing you some more of my newest design. It's called 'Shhh'. The fairy is saying 'Shh, don't tell the grown ups (you've seen a fairy)'.

First, let me tell you al little back story about the design.
I took the photo of my daughter Annalese dressed as a fairy when she was 5 (she's is now 11) and posted it in my deviant art stock account for stock artists to have fun playing with.
The photo was spotted by David Asch who writes photoshopping cheat books and he asked if he could manipulate the photo and use it on the cover of his next book. I happily agreed and a year later the book arrived for me in the post.

I liked his manipulation of the photo so much that I asked his permission to turn it into a cross stitch, and David was more than happy to agree.

Once I'd made the chart and shown it to David, I showed the editor of World of Cross Stitch a simulation. She said that after one minor change she would find it a spot in the magazine (but not until 2012 as they're list for this year is already full).

Now I've stitched the design for Hannah to approve.

Of course I have to be careful with copyright, but I'm going to show you a detail shot of the fairies face.

In the design she is sitting on a bright red, spotty mushroom and has gorgeous purple butterfly wings.

I hope you think she's a pretty as I do. But she looks even better on the lovely dyed background sitting on the striking mushroom.

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