Sunday, 24 April 2011


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog where I intend to write about all things cross stitch, including my designs, shows I've attended, lovely work I've seen, techniques to pass on and any news I hear along the grapevine.

I've actually got a good post to start off with as yesterday I visited the Sydney Royal Easter show.

I could have spent all day in the art and craft pavilion, but unfortunately my poor obliging family was with me and were getting sore feet. I hadn't even noticed that my own feet were starting to ache as I stared through case after case of astounding workmanship.

By the time I found the embroidery and stitching section my daughter was starting to fret that her dad and brother had wandered off somewhere, so I didn't get as long as I'd have liked there. The conversation went something like this.

me: 'OK I guess we'd better find your dad and James'
Anna: 'But I bet you'll just find something else to distract you'.
And she wasn't wrong. Not long after I said that, I finally found the cross stitches I'd been looking for.

First place in the 16 to 18 count linen or aida.
Third place in the 16 or 18 count aida or linen.
No place for this one. I guess they can't all be winners. I really like this one though. I know at the Royal Easter show the judges look closely at the back of the work, which wasn't on display.

I was actually surprised by the small number of the entries. I know that cross stitch has waned in popularity in Australia, but I was still quite disapointed there were under ten entries in this category.

Cross stitches did pop up in other categories too though, and this lovely example in the stumpwork, or raised embroidery section caught my eye.

And the winner of the blackwork category.

So, if you are an Australian reading this (especially from NSW), lets put in a big effort to enter more pieces into the Sydney Royal Easter show for 2012. I'll endeavour to give you a heads up closer to the dates.

I hope you've enjoyed the first instalment of my blog and I'd enjoy comments, feedback and followers.

See you next time


  1. Hello there! I come here from Deviant art where I saw your journal and wanted to take a look. I didn't even know you were Australian!
    Very interesting blog so far :) I enjoyed this post. Stitching fairs and contests are more like a dream to me, since I don't know about any in France and would really love to enter one some day.. specially in the theme of video game cross stitch actually, but classical themes would already be nice :D
    Anyways, thanks for the story and pictures! :) Keep up!

  2. Well I don't live in NSW but I do live in Queensland and this year I'm trying to get an entry ready to go in the Royal Brisbane Show (EKKA) We shall see if I manage to get it done :D I started stitching just last year and cross stitching isn't dead here yet. I am looking forward to looking at more of your work, particularly your designs.