Friday, 29 April 2011

The Value of Stitches

Firstly, can I thank you for following my blog and for your comments. I haven't learnt how to reply yet, but I'll give it a go next time.

While at school today I got into a conversation about cross stitch with my co workers. Of the four people in the staff room who engaged in the converstaion, two of them stitched (including me), and the other two knew stitchers.

Everyone agreed how lovely the finished work can look and one staff member comented that a family member had been given a value of her work to the tune of $10 000. From her description I gather that the work was larger than the average piece stitched, and quite rich in design. I think it may have been one of the medieval scenes that include the maiden with the lion or unicorn.

It occured to me I haven't had any of my works valued for insurace. And I have experienced first hand the devestating results of a house fire. In 1998 my house was virtually destroyed by a fire started in our study by an infant throwing a blanket over a heater. My husband and I lost many presious antiques, items we had lovingly restored or been gifted for special birthdays, and a very large collection of beautiful books. Also destroyed was my stash!!!! Gulp!!!! Yes, my stored charts and kits, as well as a bell pull I was half way through (and I have been unable to find the pattern again ... it had yellow roses and fairies on it if anyone has a copy???). Not much in the house recieved it's full value from insurance. Perhaps the most appropriately insured piece was my piano.

What would I do if we were once again struck by misfortune? I doubt my work is worth $10 000 but it is certainly priceless. I must get a valuation.

If anyone else has had a valuation I'd be interested to know the result.

*** Yesterday I was considering a cross stitch club at school. I did bring it up in the staffroom and the teachers seemed to think it was a good idea. They mentioned that years 3 and 4 would enjoy it too, but I don't think I want quite that many to attend. Too many children attending and it will turn into a nightmare for me. So I'm still thinking carefully about how I can set it up.

See you tomorrow

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