Saturday, 30 April 2011

Strand Brands

What brand of standed thread do you prefer?
I personally use DMC simply because it is the most easily available in my area, and it was the threads my mother had which I used when I started out. There are debates out there on which brand is the best comparing thread brightness, colour longevity and how well the thread sits down. I do worry a little that my lovely works will fade in colour, especially if they're on the wall. I have noticed thread colour fading with DMC over the years. But I'll stick with the DMC as I've got 70% of the colour range already in my work boxes.

Speaking of work boxes, have a look at this;
I decided to pull out all the colours I needed for a specific project, so I didn't need to carry two work boxes with me if I moved from one room of the house to another. What a mistake.
Just look at the mess I ended up with. It took me much longer to find what I needed. It might have worked if I'd had a smaller sorting box, like the ones below. But this small container really didn't do the job. I haven't been able to find a smaller sorting box deep enough to hold the threads yet. but I'm sure they're out there.

I love my work boxes, all sorted by number. All the colours of the rainbow, so neat, so easy to find what I need.
Do you sort by number? I know of a lady that prefers to have hers in hues. All her reds are in shades, all her greens, etc. She's a designer too and she says it's easier for her to choose the shade she wants. I must admit, I do a lot of pulling out and arranging shades on the table when I'm designing. But I doubt sorting by hue would stop that. I look at how the colours mix, so I'd be pulling them from their hue families anyway.

Well, I'm off to the quilting show this afternoon, and looking forward to it. I started quilting when I saw a fantasic quilt that had cross stiches as feature squares. I haven't done a large one like the one that inspired me, though I've made a few smaller quilted wall hangings from cross stitches.
I'll tell you all abotu it tomorrow.


  1. I do a bad thing. I mix Anchor and DMC because I can never find all the colours I need in one brand. The spotlight near me is actually quite bad they run out of colours all the time.

    Quilting is so much fun isn't it? I love quilting but rarely have the time to spend hours at a machine. At least with cross stitch I can carry it with me!

  2. Oh I totally agree - portability is one of my favourite things about cross stitch. I can enjoy it injust about any room in the house, though my lamp is in the lounge so that's where I mostly stitch. I have some quilting hand stitching too, but i don't pick it up as much???

    As far as brands go, my local craft shop doesn't even stock anchor. And the spotlight or lincraft is always running out of colours too.

  3. have a chart to convert dmc and anchor, anyone want it? can e mail you the pic for free.

  4. thanks Robin I hadn't even thought of mentioning that.
    There's also some conversion charts here

    I had a look through them. The first two are for Finca (which I've never heard of)but the ones below that look quite helpful.