Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I'd Rather Be Stitching

I was back at work today after school holidays and the Easter long weekend/anzac day public holiday.
And while I had a productive day, I'd still rather be at home stitching. Wouldn't we all I guess?

Even when I got home there was no stitching. I find it hard to switch from work mode to stitching mode, so I usually don't stitch on the days I teach. There just seems to be a block in my mood that makes it hard to pick up a needle. Is anyone else like that?

If I do pick up my work I usually find myself immersed in the stitching and able to forget about the day. But it's not so common for me. It's the same way with my artwork, the basis for my stitching designs. I like a long uninterupted period of time before I even start to think about being creative. I'm sure it's all in that left brain/right brain theory of how we think. While I don't find it at all difficult to make the switch, I have to be in the mood to.

Well at least I have the stitching to look forward to in just a few days, and that pulls me along. I'm looking forward to finishing the wings and hair on my fairy to start on the backstitching which always makes a piece come together.

Just a short little entry today. I do plan to blog each day, though the entries on day I teach will usually be shorter.

And welcome to my third follower! I'm so grateful you joined us.

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  1. I know what you mean about finding it hard to unwind after a day of teaching! I use the stitching though as a way of unwinding. Something slightly monotonous, at least when its one patch of colour. But it can take a bit to get into it. Particularly if I've left it needing to change thread colours... then I get lazy.