Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Metallic Thread

I'm working on a fairy that I decided would look nice with some metallic thread mixed in with the wing colours ... why????

Above: work in progress; 'Recital'. There are two stranded cotton threads mixed with one metallic thread for just a little glitter.

I love the finished look of metallic threads, but they are definitely more difficult than stranded cotton.
I tried making the threads shorter than usual, but I actually found in this case, that if I made the threads a little longer than usual I could loop more through the needle to stop the needle slipping off, and then I cut off more excess at the end as the metallic thread gets 'tatty'. I also have to stop more often to unwind the twist of the thread. Usually I do this by letting the needle drop and unwind itself, but with metallic thread the needle will just drop off I did that, so instead, I take the needle down to the base of the thread where it comes out of the fabric and gently tease it straight with my fingers (sometimes I do this with a very twisted stranded cotton too. I found seperating the threads again helps them to lie straight on the fabric).

When I'm using just metallic thread on it's own, I stick with the shorter than usual threads as the metallic thread strips off the base if it's handled too much.

I'd be interested to know if anyonw else has tips for handling metallic threads. Has anyone used the bees wax method? I remember using that method years ago, but seem to be able to manage without it now. I can't remember if the wax affects the shine, or stains the fabric?

As you can see in the WIP photo, I've dyed this fabric. I'll be writing a blog on the method I used next time I dye (probably in a week or two ... I'm working on a dyed series of designs at the moment).

Thankyou to everyone who is following the blog, I'm delighted to have you, and I hope I can write interesting entries that keep you coming back,

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