Monday, 27 August 2012

Works In Progress

I've had a very busy weekend with my son's 16th birthday party, but I did a get a chance to work on some designs for up coming magazines.

The rose design will be applique and done in the fabrics you can see behind the blackline designs. They are teh colours requested by Patchwork and Stitching magazine, but it won't be published until 2013. It's not dues until mid October, but I like to get ahead on these things.

The butterfly is for a cross stitch ... finally!!! Of course I still have to colour it, but I'm thinking the magical swirl behind the butterfly will be a rainbow.

There are four more weeks until the school holidays, and after that my work load at the child care center should slow down with the return of one of their regular staff members. I'll be able to get more design work done. But the money has been so welcome. It's almost as if the universe knew our finances would be stretched the past few months and sent us a boon. So thankyou very much divine workings of the powers that be!

Today I need to finish the green quilt for my son. I would have had it done yesterday, but I ran out of the black mateial I'm using for the binding. Today is his actual birthday, so I'll get it done and give it to him tonight. I"ll post a picture of course!

Thanks again for reading


  1. Once you have a design finished, how do you convert it to cross stitch (or whatever) and how can I get my hands on a copy??? That butterfly is awesome and I have to have it, so please keep us posted as to where it ends up. I really hope you make it shades of purple...


  2. Lovely designs, Jenni! Look forward to seeing the roses....but especially looking forward to seeing some more of your cross stitch designs! ;) The rainbow swirl sounds lovely, how big is the finished design going to be?

  3. Rhona, i plan on making a tote bag out of it, but not a massive one. Thanks for your kind comment

  4. Chelle, most likely it will end up in Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazine, possibly late this year or early next year (I will let you know when it appears). I was planning on doing pinks, purples and blues for the butterfly, I can't get enough of those colours. Once I've coloured it, I use a very helpful computer program to draw stitches over the image to make a chart.