Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Monster

So this is the monstrous frame I am goign to order for machine quilting. But it's actually adjustable to two sizes. See the leg in the middle? Most of the time, my frame will sit at that width to fit in my room. But if I need to do a king size, double or queen quilt, I can bring it out to the larger size in my family room (where hubby says it is NOT to stay).

I can't wait.


  1. Is that a long arm? My mom has her own quilting business and uses one. Those things are HUGE!

  2. Chelle,
    The arm of the machine is 10 inches, so not as long as they go (from 12 to 24 inches aparently). But it's MUCH bigger than my tiny little 5 inch throat Janome. It's a good size for the room I have. Most of the time the frame will be adjusted to single bed size. I hope to pick up some quilting jobs to make a little extra on the side ... but it's not the major priotity for buying the machine. Thanks for commenting.

  3. You will have fun with that. :) And good to know things are beginning to look up for you.

  4. Enjoy your new toy! I have a feeling that this will be out in your family room despite what your hubby says!!! :)