Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bare With Me

Excuse me for not posting in a little while. Life has been crazy busy. My job at the child care centre hadn't slowed down yet. I'm still working more hours than I wanted to. It might just be that way for another 6 weeks until one of the long term staff members comes back from her extnded absence.

I did get my quilting frame ... and here you see it set up with my first full sized quilt. I did some practice sandwiches to get the tension right and to get used to the movement of the carriage. This quilt is for my son's 16th birthday. His favourite colour is green and the backing is some Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse fabric that my mum donated. James likes Mickey Mouse mostly because of the Kingdomw Hearts game. It's a nice simple quilt which took only a day to put the quilt top together and it's a great way to practice while still doing something useful. I'm using invisibile thread because of all the different fabrics and the contrqast of the backing. It's comign up really well.

The frame sits nicely in our Playroom, and I can turn it sideways to extend and do larger quilts (no need to move it into the family room at all, yay!).

I haven't had nearly as much time as I need to do this quilt and all the other projects I have backed up as our hot water system packed it in on the weekend. So I've spent the last three days running around getting a new one organised. We switched from electricity to gas so it was a bit to organise. I had to do it all as my hubby was away in Darwin and Alice Springs for work. I'm proud to say I had it all fixed by the time he came back. But I'm VERY tired.

This weekend we are holding a birthday party in the palyroom for James and his friends. I have to move the quilt frame out to the family room as they plan to tunr the room into a movie lounge with projector, bean bags, mattresses and the couch. So i need to get the quilt doen by tomorrow at the latest.

Well ... I guess I'd better get back to it then!!!


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  1. Your frame looks awesome, Jenni! Hope you get the quilt finished in time for your son's birthday!