Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hi there everyone ... welcome to the new followers. I hope I manage to post something of interest to you.

Yesterday I was hunting down a fabric that I had run out of. I had already used a lot of it in the quilt I was doing and needed more for it to look right. The first shop I visited didn't have it. But I spoke to the owner at length. I mentioned I had sent him some images of art quilts and assumed he didn't like them as he hadn't replied. He told me he'd been really sick with pneumonia for 3 months and hadn't looked at his email in that time and could I please bring them in for him to see. We also talked about the quilt I'm currently working on - a mermaid quilt with an abstract landscape (colourwash style). Jeff (the owner) was quite pleased to hear about it as they had had good success with those kinds of workshops in the past, but the teacher had moved to Queensland.

So I'll be going back down to the shop (Folklore, Penrith Patchwork) next week to talk to them about workshops (and the massive quilting frame that I want to buy).

And the good news was that in the third shop I went to they had the fabric I needed and I can finish the quilt the way I wanted to. I've nearly pieced together the top, but I won't post pictures until it's finished as some of the fine work on the applique image will be done in the quilting stage.

I'm sorry to say I'm having a little trouble getting motivated to design my next cross stitch. My new job is manageable. It's no where near as stressful as my last job, but unfortunately my body is still letting me down. Even that little bit of work out of the home (with early mornings) is wearing me down. And when I'm tired I find it difficult to design. The creative juices just don't flow that well. It's been a bit of a struggle to motivate myself with the quilting too. And with paying opportunities coming up, I really need to keep cracking on.

Luckily hubby is being very supportive and even entertaining ideas of a a little machine quilting business. He's listened to my ideas about the quilting frame I'd like; with interest. Though the money needs to drop out of the sky pretty soon I think (or maybe I'll take out my own credit card or something).

Sorry this a boring one - no photos. If you've read this far, you are adored. :)


  1. well it looks like things are slowly working out for you :D

  2. Thankyou - yes they do seem to be!
    I've just had another quilt accepted too ... I'm about to blog on it.