Thursday, 16 February 2012

What Happened?

I'm completely down in the dumps this morning.
The deal I thought I had with a UK magazine has gone south with the editor moving on.
So I now have 3 designs with no publication deals.

I've just completely lost confidence in my abilities. And all I can think of is that I dont' have a job to fall back on. And God PLEASE don't make me have to back to teaching.

Sorry to dump this on you ... I'm just at a loss.


  1. oh deary..dont worry everything will be fine..
    sending you big hugs
    cucki xxx

  2. Please don't feel down, look how popular your beading has been and that was really quite unexpected.

    Magazines are just 1 aspect of how to get your work noticed, there are lots of other avenues to wander down before you have to start worrying just yet.

    You have more support than you realise, if there is anything I can do to help, I will.


  3. Thankyou so much ladies ... I'm a little calmer now, over the shock. Thankyou soooo much for your encouragement.

  4. Look at it as three designs to add to YOUR collection! Keep working away and eventually the mags will like something! Good luck.