Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I have been neglecting my blog lately.
I was facing some pretty long term Demons last week with the sleeplessness. So I did a lot of beading work that didn't require thinking to keep myself occupied.

I was also workign pretty hard on my ETSY shop, listing new items of jewellery.
I decided to try a promotion with ETSY and paid for a showcase of pendants for the 16th of Feb, so I've been busy making things for the shop.
And once that is over I need to get back to some magazine work.

I also applied to a gallery in Mosman (Sydney) called Incube8rs. I hope to put in works of beading, cross stitch and other textiles there. I haven't heard anything about my application yet (I only applied this Tuesday). There is also a market stall in Mosman run by Incube8rs comign up. I need to have a number of items made by March the 3rd for that stall.

Artfest is also coming up fast.
Artfest is an art and craft show run by my kid's high school. It is their major fundraiser for the year and over the years has become a pretty big event. I've entered art works in water colour once (sold nothing) and an artbook (sold none). This year I was going to try fine art textiles, but I'm running out of time for that. And as I have been busy making things for the gallery anyway, I'm taking a craft stall at Artfest. I'll have jewellery, beaded decorative boxes and some cross stitch decorative items (the same items that I hope to put in the gallery).

So you see, though I haven't written about it, I have been very busy.
I promise to be a better blogger this week so my posts won't be as long :)

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