Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Designing Today

We are having some new furniture delivered this morning, so my house is all topsy turvy, making it impossible to stitch. That's a bit unfortunate as I've been putting in some good hours on my newest piece.

So I've decided to do some drawings today and design some things that I hope World of Cross Stitching or Cross Stitch crazy will like.

I'm also thinking about Embroidery and Cross Stitch future designs. She absolutely loved my fairies. They arrived yesterday and she phoned to tell me how beautiful they were. I'm so pleased, but I cant' always do fairies for her. So I was thinking about what other things I might stitch for her. The brief for the magazine is elegant, classy, nothing cute, nothing overly niave and country. What springs to mind when you think of those words. I'm also trying to get away from the ladies a little. I adore them, and could stitch them all day long, but I should broaden my horizons.

Roses is the first thing I think of. I've done one rose for her and I think I could do another. But what else? How about shells? I'd have to come up with a way to make them colourful. I'm sure you've noticed, bright colours is one of the major elements in my style, because that's what I like. Leave a comment and tell me what you think is elegant or classy.

Have a stitchy day.

Oh, and I've included more charts at the ETSY store, some that have already been featured in ECS, including the cameo rose, Angel Moon and I'll soon put up Autumn Romance.

Autumn Romance

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