Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Today there wasn't much time to create, what with getting new school shoes for my youngest, taking both kiddies (hmmm, 12 and 15, not exctly kiddies anymore) to see Hugo at the movies and then getting home to clean the house for guests on Australia Day.

The guests are actually my husband's gaming friends so I will largely be ignored for the day and able to sit down to some serious creating.

A few days ago I pulled out a nice rose tray and I've been using is as a project caddy when I need to take bits and pieces from room to room. Tonight I got it ready with my 'pallete' for tomorrow. The mag theme coming up is 'pearls' so I'm doign an embroidered piece with some lovely mother of pearl beads I bought just after Christmas. I haven't drawn the desing yet - but something will happen tomorrow I'm sure.

I realised two things today
1. Blogs are so much nicer to read when they have pictures. So here is one of my challenge piece for the beading forum last week. The theme was Picasso. My bookmark is called Petit Picasso
It's available for sale at ETSY

And another realisation is about my passion.

Last year I would have sworn my passion was cross stitching. And now I can't get enough of beading. I realised that my passion is actually designing and the materials are less important, but are often my inspiration.

Often you hear the term 'Jack of all trades but master of none'. I used to think that applied to me until recently when I realised that you can be a master of just creating.

Deep and meaningful tonight peeps :)


  1. That beaded bracelet is beautiful, I love it.

  2. that beading is lovely. and pictures are great to see.