Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hi all,
happy new year for 2012.

I've been busy stitching the past few days, but I can't show pictures sorry - the piece is for the book and as I don't have a publisher, I'll have to be super careful about not overstepping publishing rules about prior publication (yep, some publishers consider picutres on the internet as prior publication). So all I can say is that is has swirls and a red butterfly and lots of shades of peach and red. It's a bookmark, but very heavily stitched (covering all the fabric actually). I've been at it for 8.5 hours so far and I expect it to take another three.

I had a nice night on new years, at my friend's house. The kids jumped in the pool even though the water is still cold as the weather is not really that hot yet.

Having said that, today was hotter and tomorrow the kids and hubby and I are hitting the beach. it's supposed to be a very warm day.

Happy Stitching