Saturday, 17 September 2011

I couldn't stop

When I get going, I really go for it.
Today I stitched for 7 hours on 'Sun'.
I could have stitched another hour if my hands hadn't started to ache.

I mapped out the back of his mask and hair and down the front of his shirt.
Unfortunately I've discovered something isn't meeting up properly and the line of stitching for the cape seems to end too high. but I think I'll be able to fudge it without unpicking, because honestly I don't really know where I made the mistake. That's the trouble with putting it down for so long I guess.


  1. I wish I could just take a day to stitch. Good luck with getting done!

  2. Wow, that was a marathon stitching session!Good for you!
    I hate when you can't figure out where your mistake is, hopefully you can muddle through, no-one else will ever know there's a mistake so that's good! Well, we'll know, but we won't tell - promise!!!